Domestic dichloromethane prices in China continued to rise this week (6.3-6.7)

Market Review

According to a large number of data monitored by business associations, the price of dichloromethane in Shandong continued to rise this week. The average price of dichloromethane in Shandong at the beginning of the week was 3100 yuan/ton, and the average price at the weekend was 3100 yuan/ton, with an increase of 2.65% in the week.

PVA 2699

quotations analysis

Product: This week, due to the tight supply of dichloromethane market as a whole, the quotation of enterprises continued to rise, enterprises and traders shipped smoothly, but the downstream market demand is still flat, mostly just needed. At present, the quotation of bulk water remittance in Shandong is around 3150 yuan/ton, 3600-3700 yuan/ton in Jiangsu and 3550 yuan/ton in Jiangxi. In terms of start-up, at present, 50% of Jinling chemical plant is in operation; Jinmao Dongying stops and overhauls until the end of June; 60% of Shanxi chemical plant is in operation; Jiangsu science and culture plant is in normal operation; Jiangxi science and culture plant is in normal operation, etc.


Industry chain: In the upstream, the domestic natural gas market is weak, and the trading atmosphere is low. At the beginning of the week, the average market price is 3543 yuan/ton, the average weekend price is 3526 yuan/ton, with a drop of 0.47% in the week. The supply of liquid chlorine market is tight, the downstream market demand is weak, and the overall performance of the industry is stable. Enterprises overreport 400-700 yuan/ton. Domestic R410a market shocks and adjustments, refrigerant downstream market just needs, market trading atmosphere is still acceptable.

Future Market Forecast

Business Club methane chloride data analysts believe that there is still a big gap in the supply side of the dichloromethane market, which is difficult to make up in the short term. The downstream market just needs to buy, which is good for supporting dichloromethane prices. The dichloromethane market is expected to soar in the near future.