Continuation of PC Disadvantage in Mid-May

Price Trend

According to the data monitored by business associations, the PC market continued to be weak in mid-May. As of May 16, domestic producers and traders offered an average price of about 18,900 yuan/ton for Bayer 2805.

PVA 0599 (PVA BF05)

II. Cause Analysis

Since this month, the upstream trend of bisphenol A in PC has been weaker. Businessmen are not confident enough, trading resistance is greater, intermediaries cut prices and take orders, prices are running at a low level. Downstream factories just need to purchase, demand has not improved. The on-site wait-and-see atmosphere is strong, the expectation of the future market may be poor, and the cost support for the domestic PC market is not good. The operating rate of PC devices in China is general, but the stock pressure increases in the traditional overhaul peak season, and the main theme of the contradiction between supply and demand remains unchanged. Businessmen’s psychology is generally bearish, and the unstable external news aggravates the negative market mentality. Downstream demand has not improved, PC offer is weak and deadlocked.


3. Future Market Forecast

PC analysts of business associations believe that the contradiction between supply and demand in the domestic PC market is prominent in mid-May, and the turnover is weak. External news turmoil intensified and offer was weak and deadlocked. It is expected that the recent trend is likely to be weak and difficult to change.