MTBE market prices fell this week (May 5-May 11)

Price Trend

MTBE prices were 5440 yuan/ton this weekend, down 1.09% from the previous week, according to business association data.

PVA 0588 ( PVA BP05)

II. Market Analysis

Products: Influenced by the decline in gasoline market prices, domestic MTBE prices fell slightly in this cycle.

Industry Chain: This week’s broad fluctuation of international oil prices slightly declined, which affected the trading atmosphere of the gasoline market weakened. This week’s gasoline terminal demand performance was normal. After MTBE’s weakening and the end of the holiday, gasoline shipments remained very light, middlemen’s inventory pressure increased, and MTBE prices entered the downward channel again.


3. Future Market Forecast

Analysts of MTBE products of Business Society Energy Branch believe that optimism about the future price of international crude oil market will be maintained, and the warming weather will drive up the demand for gasoline, which will stimulate the price of MTBE market to a certain extent. MTBE market is expected to pick up next week.